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Margot Asquith (1864-1945), wife of the British Prime Minister Lord Herbert Henry Asquith, was another character famous for her quick wit and sharp tongue.

When she and movie star Jean Harlow (1911-1937 -- also famous for a sardonic wit as well as for her beauty) met for the first time, Harlow was careless enough to address the lady by her first name. To make matters worse, Harlow pronounced the name as though it rhymed with "lot."

Lady Asquith drew herself up to her full height and corrected Harlow by saying, "My dear, the t is silent, as in 'Harlow.'"

---------------A Final Thought ...

"He could not see a belt without hitting below it."

- Margot Asquith (1864–1945), British socialite. Quoted in: Mark Bonham Carter’s Introduction to Margot Asquith, Autobiography (first published 1936; repr. 1962), of former prime minister David Lloyd George.