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Audio and video files add considerably to the enjoyment of these pages.  Occasionally there are humorous pieces that take media form.  Elsewhere, the music creates part of the atmosphere.

Sometimes, however, compatibility issues make it challenging to share media files.  This site is purposely designed so as to avoid dependence upon a particular browser-type, but some accommodation to current practices and available software is inevitable.

Here's a brief discussion of what you need in order to hear the audio and see the video here.


You need a current generation browser.  This means ideally Internet Explorer 6.x or Netscape 6.x.  There are free and they work just fine.  There is no good reason not to use one of them.  Minimally, you need Internet Explorer 5.x or Netscape 4.7x.  I haven't attempted to stay compatible with Opera.


The background music uses MIDI files that are embedded in the pages and invoke whatever player you have linked to your browser.  This technology is so old and MIDI files are so universal that you should have no trouble hearing the background music.

You can test this by loading the home page of DW's Joke of the Day, which always contains background music.  If you can hear the music after the page is completely loaded, you're in business.  If not, you need to install some type of player with your browser.  There are many available, but you might want to use the Windows Media Player in order to be compatible with other pages found here.

You should be hearing music now as you're reading this page.

By the way, don't bother writing me about MIDI being either substandard or outdated technology.  I don't buy it.

Streaming Media

There are several pages employing streaming media.  For this, you need a player that supports this technology.  Again, there are several, but I've designed the pages around Windows Media Player.  Before you think about it, don't bother telling me that Microsoft products are "bad."  I needed something to embed in the pages.  Quicktime has version-based compatibility problems; Real Media works fine, but it far more troublesome to embed that it should be (try it sometime).  This leaves Windows Media Player.  It's that simple.

Go Download!If you don't have Windows Media Player available on your system, you need to download it.  The button at the left will do the trick.  If you're using some version of Windows Media Player other than version 7.x (or higher), there's no good reason not to upgrade.

This page has the streaming media player embedded (below).  If you can hear the audio and see the player, everything is fine.  If you received an error when this page loaded, then you need to download the player.  I've built the code so that Internet Explorer and Netscape (current versions of the browsers) should stream, assuming you have the current version of Windows Media Player installed.


Hopefully this should put you on the right path toward fully enjoying these pages.

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